Rob served in the 196th Light Infantry Brigade of the Army in Vietnam from June 3, 1968  through June 3, 1969.  He was a machine gunner in Company D called “Black Death”.

A year before Rob arrived in Vietnam the 196th, the 1st Brigade, the 101st Airborne Division and 3rd Brigade, and the 25th Infantry Division, formed the temporary division unit Task Force Oregon which was later that same year converted into the 23rd Infantry Division, or Americal. They operated in the northern-most military region I-CORP around Da Nang. See Map.

The 196th suffered 1004 KIA, and 5591 WIA while in Vietnam. They were the last combat brigade to leave Vietnam in 1972.


Robert B. Boyd Jr. (1948 - 2009)
Tour of Duty in South Vietnam
June 3, 1968 - June 3, 1969

United States Army
American Division
196th Light Infantry Brigade
Third Battalion of the Twenty-first infantry Regiment
Company D, “Black Death”
Second Platoon
Second Rifle Squad, June- August 1968
Machine Gun Squad, September 1968-June 1969

patch_196th crest_196th 3_21 AmericanDivisionINSIGNIA

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